STYLE Strong American Amber Ale



75cl and 37,5cl Bottle

Following the gratifying success of his first five beers, young Sardinian brewer Nicola Perra embarks on a new “very crazy” (Macca Meda in Sardinian) adventure, launching a beer similar to an American Amber Ale. Both strong and drinkable, it has international style due to the use of ingredients linked to traditional beer making countries. Ingredients which are put to work here in the new emerging “Made in Italy”, synonym of imagination, creativity and originality.

Macca Meda has a pleasant fresh aroma followed by imposing notes of white grape, orange and apricot. On the palate citrus and bitter notes harmonize with a touch of spice followed by an explosive aftertaste with contrasting striking peppery notes and a distinct dryness. The main artificer is First Gold, a dwarf hop which originated in England and is cultivated in Belgium in the Poperinge area.

Due to its complexity and versatility, Macca Meda is destined to be served in top class restaurants accompanied by rich meats such as duck or goose. It is also enjoyable in a less formal environment with medium seasoned cheeses flavored with celery salt.