STYLE Barley Wine with boiled Nasco grape wort



75cl Bottle

With the long awaited BBevò, Nicola Perra continues his research which started with the success of BB10, this time using Nasco sapa, an old liqueur-like wine from the area of Cagliari.It has a clean and refined aroma with hints of white grape, bitterish fruit and bitter almond and it has a clear inkling of warmth, created by the use of distinct notes of marasca cherries in spirit.

On the palate its refined and kind characteristics are confirmed as are the fruity notes of grape, marasca and bitter almond enriched with hints of herb and pepper as well as the predictable notes of dry fruit and toffee.

A “kind” barley wine, dryer than the norm but rich and warm, more similar in enjoyment to a fine cognac than a raisin wine. A classic meditation beer, it is calming and digestive. Perfect for a relaxing late evening in front of an open fire, but can also accompany mature marbled cheeses as well as chocolate based desserts, creams and jams. It is especially good with the irresistible and varied almond based cakes, the pride of artisan Sardinian confectionery.