STYLE   Strong Ale with boiled white grape wort



75cl Bottle

The original experiment in the use of boiled wort of Sardinian grape juice, has been able to reach the point of absolute taste and finesse with the BB9, characterized by the Malvasia grape. Rich in hues of wine, citrus and exotic fruit, primarily passion fruit bestowed from the grape and sage-like mènage of German, American and New Zealand hops which provide a unique bouquet, the BB9 treats the palate to a notable and fruity experience which is a prelude to a delicately dry and slightly bitter aftertaste interspersed with spicy peppery flavours.

High quality beers, according to the Barley style and philosophy, dry in the aftertaste with moments of freshness and seasonings which, in addition to cleansing the tongue, contrast the unction and heaviness of greasy and succulent foods. The wide range of the variegated Sardinian gastronomy, coupled with the afore-mentioned characteristics of the BB9 permit the beer to be enjoyed with both meat and fish cuisine.

In the first case, from pasta dishes such as culurgionis served with sea urchin ragout or fregola, a Sardinian couscous style dish, with tomato sauce, sausage and pecorino cheese to the redoubtable lamb stew and in the second case it is excellent with sea food and raw fish.