STYLE Imperial Stout with boiled Cannonau grape wort



75cl Bottle

Our up-and-coming brewers do not have a tradition to follow and are completely free to experiment with unusual ingredients, restricted however to the territory of production, Sardinia. This is the case of young Sardinian Nicola Perra, who has used the wort of Cannonau grapes (a famous Sardinian red wine) to develop BB10.

A naturally winy beer with warm and sumptuous aromas of caramel, cocoa, prune, morello cherry and strawberry grapes and a taste which is rich with caramel, chocolate, liquorice, prune and quince as well as sweet dried fruit like figs and sultanas.

Although BB10 is a typical late evening beer, it is also an ideal table beer with the famous piedmontese boiled meat dish, or a tasty pecorino cheese; or even with chocolate desserts or ricotta based cakes. It is best served warmed on cold winter days aromatised with cinnamon and cloves.