BB arrevescia


STYLE Amber Ale with red grape wort



75cl Bottle

The name, written in Campidano dialect, would suggest a grumpy beer, little inclined to calmness and diplomacy. In fact, the tribute to the Carignano grape used is expressed through a beer out of the box. The appearance is intense red, with copious, fine and persistent foam.

On the nose, the “vinosity” immediately creates the connection with the must of the vine used, to which a woody nuance (with hint of smoked) and an evident note of caramel and red fruit are added . A beautiful complexity in the mouth expresses freshness and power together and, with a range of red fruits, it combines with a pleasant ethyl note, which gradually emerges, warming the palate in a soft and persuasive way.

Dry closure, which dries the palate and invites a new sip.